Friday, October 14, 2016


We've had a busy week learning about making bread. For shared reading we read the book Go Facts: Bread. We learned that you need water, salt, flour and yeast to make bread. When mixed together, the yeast has a chemical reaction which allows the dough to rise, making it light and fluffy inside. We made some bread ourselves in class. Although it wasn't a huge success (it didn't rise much), it still tasted delicious. We are going to review the recipe we used, make some changes, and try again!

Science: States of Matter

This term for Science we will be learning about the Material World. The material world strand involves the study of matter and the changes it undergoes. 
We have learned that matter is all around us. We have started with the three common states of matter: SOLIDS, LIQUIDS and GASES. Room 1 have been learning a lot about how matter can move from one state to another, but can still be the same substance. A change of state, also called a phase change, is a physical change from one state of matter to another, for example, from solid to liquid or from liquid to gas.
Here is a video of us being particles of matter.