Thursday, March 23, 2017

WALT read our opinion writing to an audience

This week we wrote a persuasive writing piece about whether Mrs Wallace should let us eat Oreos in class.
We read our writing to an audience....... 

and then we got to eat some Oreos!


  1. Hi its Divontae from south hornby schoool i like this post but next time show they are eating i know what there eating they are oreos. yummy

  2. Hi Mrs Wallace and students
    I like how you told us what you are persuading Mrs Wallace about and I guess your persuasive writing worked well done
    I remember my class writing a persuasive story about letting us do something like that but we did not do it about food
    Next time you could put a little bit of peoples persuasive writing so also the viewers of your blog can see how Mrs Wallace got so persuaded
    By Armika Papakura Central School Rm 5