Monday, September 4, 2017


Room 1 have been looking forward to being able to use the library all year. Finally this term we are able to use it. 
We have our library time on Mondays, after morning tea. 
We are learning to be responsible library users by caring for the books and our library area. We are collaborating by working with others, and we are having some "me time" by quietly enjoying reading on our own.


  1. I like how we all are reading quitly

    1. I like how you were all reading quietly too, Twinkles. I especially liked how you all supported each other by helping people who aren't familiar with how the library works.

  2. TeKawana was teaching Soroya and I animal discovery .

  3. hi my name is soroya i love how you were quite and some reading together.

  4. hi guys it's Emma here I love your big library I I wish that we had a big library like yours.Do you think that next time you can show people enjoying there self in your guys library.