Monday, March 12, 2018

Learn Create Share


It's reading time and we are working independently on our tasks. Some of us are reading online articles, some of us are reading school journals. We are all Learning, and we are all Creating something from what we learn. You will soon be able to see what we've learned and created when we Share our work on our blogs.
Please leave us a Positive, Helpful, Thoughtful comment.


  1. Awsome you all look like your all learning and reading.
    Vist my blog for awsome work and other stuff.
    Blog you later

  2. hello my name is lucky. I liked how you put in info and time try to put less photos.good job bye

  3. Hello i'm Arie,I love how you showed lots of pictures because it gave me a bigger idea of what you were doing. Maybe next time you could try making the pictures smaller because I had to scroll a lot to see the other ones. It reminds me of how in reading I read articles on chrome books as well. bey I loved your post

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  6. Kia ora my name is Emma from south hornby. School I love the pictures i think you need make the pictures smaller because. It harder to scroll the page and its harder to see the pictures.
    helpful idvise for you guys.

  7. Kia ora my name is Haylee and I am from South Hornby school I love how you have added lots of pictures on your blog but a thing you could change when you are adding pictures is by making the pictures a little bit smaller so I don't have to scroll down alot.I hope that is really helpful idvise for you guys.

    1. thank you so much for commenting on our blog and i like your idea

  8. KIA Ora my name is connor i am from south hornby school i love how you guys are working so independently just dont put so many pictures on my adivse

  9. Hi i'm from south hornby we have Chromebooks to i'm on min right now for reading i have Ben just reading book and doing activity

  10. Thank all of yous for commenting on our class blog. and we will use all the advise yous have put down for us.Thank you for all your comments.