Friday, March 16, 2018

Te reo

This morning's te reo lesson warm-up. Matching the pikitia with the correct reo. A lot of great korero had here. If we didn't know a word we figured out HOW to find out by using several different options such as asking a buddy, using the maori dictionary online and breaking the words down and linking them to our prior knowledge.


  1. Hey awsome that looks like a lot of learning.
    My name is karl from papakura central school
    I wonder how many new words you learnt
    heres my blog
    Blog you later :)

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  2. hey can you make something big

  3. Hi i'm from south hornby school I really like what te reo does in the morning's. does te reo do it every morning.

  4. hi i am from South Hornby school i really like you photos they look so cool te reo look fun i probably not want to do it tho but it looks fun

  5. Hi im from South Hornby School I think that te reo is really cool to learn. learning them by dictionary is a good way to learn it aswell.I think buddy ways are good ways to talk about it.

  6. hi my name is caleb,
    i like haw you learnt with words.

  7. hi my name is rocki good jod i like how u do words

  8. thank yous all for commenting

  9. you have really good photos nice work