Friday, April 6, 2018

Haast Eagle

For reading a couple of groups were learning to Make Connections and read about the Moa and the Haast Eagle. Their follow-up activity was to measure it out and draw it with chalk. Next they took a photo, and using Explain Everything label their photo. Here are some of the tamariki enjoying some mahi tahi outside the classroom.


  1. Hi Mrs Wallace's class, My Names Is Nici And I am from South Hornby School.

    I really like how you Made Eagles With only your body I Think its Really cool. Maybe Next Time You Could Tell How You Came Up With I idea. How Did You Choose How You were going to make your Eagle?

    Love to Hear Back
    Blog You Later

  2. Hello Mrs Wallace's class,
    my name is Lucinda i'm from papakura-central school.
    i really like how you made an eagle with your body

    i would really love to hear back