Friday, June 15, 2018

Creating things for Matariki

This week we have been learning about Matariki. 
This DLO (Digital Learning Object) is a photo of some photos where we made stars (whitu) out of colourful beads. We experimented with different patterns and colours.

What I enjoyed doing...
"Looking at my masterpiece when it was done" ~ Vaughn-Dean.
"Playing with the playdough. We used different tools to make it in to whatever we wanted." ~ Jade.
"I enjoyed watching everybody having fun when they were creating" ~ Twinkles.

What I found challenging...
"Placing the beads in the right place within the pattern because they kept falling out" ~ Lexus.
"Gluing the glitter on to the leaves because sometimes it was difficult to get the right amount of glue without making a mess" ~ Kairo.
"It was challenging cleaning up all the beads because they kept bouncing and falling on the ground" ~ Ocean-Lee. 

What I might do differently next time is...
"Next time I might use the beads on the floor so they don't roll away" ~ Ocean-Lee.
" Make the star more colourful" ~ Lincoln.
"Next time I could use tweezers to help put the beads in to the right places" ~ Samicia.


  1. hello,
    wow that is really cool i like the designs.
    good idea it would be helpful to put the beads on the floor so they don't roll away
    by tipene

  2. hello,
    my name is Lucinda and i really like how you did that with the beads
    and i would really love to hear back,
    From Lucinda

  3. hello
    wow beautiful i like it they are really beautiful
    i like how you did the learning story
    i like to hear back thankyou

  4. Hi Mrs Wallace, My Name Is Nici, I'm from South Hornby School
    I really like how You made stars for matariki. Maybe Next time you could say what star for the photos is who's. How did get the things to make the stars?

    Love to hear back
    Blog you later