Thursday, June 7, 2018

Rangi & Papa

We went to see the glow in the dark puppet show Rangi & Papa the story of Matariki. What an amazingly entertaining production! We were so impressed by the talent of the puppeteers and the artists who made the puppets. I think some of the room 1 tamariki are inspired to make their own puppets.

Heaven and Earth ~ Rangi and Papa


  1. Hi my name is Lucinda
    I go to papakura central school
    and i really like the pitchers that you took it looks amazing
    i would really love if hear back

  2. Holly molly
    HI im Karl From PCS
    And I love those puppets, There man made they glow what else do you need, Heres the link to my blog

  3. wow that looks real cool for them showing the matriki story.

  4. hello mrs wallace,
    wow! that looks i want to see them it looks very bright i like the way you laid it out it is one of the things on my list i want to see now
    from tipene thankyou

  5. Hello!
    That looks super cool! I'm Jealous, I would really like to go see them. I hope you guys had fun!
    From Matthew PCS

  6. Hi my name is Jacob and I am for south hornby school. That looks really cool. Maybe next time you could put what you did there. That reminds me of that time my reading class was learning about matariki.

  7. Hi my name is Connor from south horn by school I like the cool pitchers and the grate detail on the stars. and the cool face.