Tuesday, July 24, 2018

P.E Knee Boxing

Today we learned some exciting, fun new ways to warm-up for P.E. with Matua Bodean.
We played some team warm-up games, where we had to communicate and work together. We also played Knee Boxing, where you have to tap the other person on the knee without being touched by them.
Here is a video of Te Kawana and Matua Bodean showing us how to play Knee Boxing.


  1. Hi Mrs Wallace I really like the video its so fun to watch the video tekawana keeps on dodging matua bodean its really funny id really like to watch the video again keep up the awesome work:)

  2. Kia Ora Mrs Wallace

    I really like they way how you video Te Kawana and Matua Bodean demonstrating how to play the knee box game.
    I really like the way you describe what the video was about.

    Nga Mihi

  3. Hi Mrs Wallace its Danielle and Ocean and we really liked the video because it was funny watching them demonstrate.

  4. hi mrs wallace its tipene that was really cool i learnt to its funny and the background talking it was good cheering

  5. hi Mrs Wallace i hope you enjoyed the knee tag

  6. Hi it is Brooklan from South hornby school I really like the game you were playing it looked really cool I would like to play that game