Thursday, August 2, 2018

Colour Poems

WALT name colours in te reo.

We have been learning simple phrases about ngā tae (colours).
We have learned to locate a colour in the classroom and ask the question "He aha te tae o tēnei?" and then answer,
for example, "He kakariki te tae o tēnā.
We collaborated and made a slideshow of the poems we wrote, with some words translated in to te reo māori.


  1. Hi Mrs Wallace's Class, My Name Is Nici, I'm From South Hornby School
    I really like how you made a slide for each and every color in moari. Maybe Next Time you could tell us the colors in English. How did you get the slides to fade and move across the screen?

    Love to hear back
    Blog you later

    1. Hi Nici.
      Thank you for your comment. We used the Transition setting under SLIDE to make it do that. Good idea on using the English words as well.

  2. Hi Mrs Wallace
    I like the way you choose different colours
    I learnt how to describe one colour in different ways
    Next time you could change the transition because I can not quite read everything and it is moving without me finishing
    By Armika From PCS

    1. Hi Armika. Thank you for commenting on our post. Ooops! I forgot about the timing on the Transition. I will get that fixed ASAP. Thanks again.