Monday, August 13, 2018

Room 1 goes to the Science Roadshow

Last Friday room 1 and Whaea Apina walked to Northland College to experience the Science Roadshow.

To start off with we watched the Am I Living Show. During this show we learned about how our bodies work. For example, did you know that the average person produces 66 kilograms of poop a year?!

Next we went to experiment and explore the exhibits. One of our favourite exhibits was the Spinning Chair, where you had to sit in a chair holding hand weights while someone spins you around. If you hold the hand weights out you spin slower, but if you hold them close to your body you spin faster. Another favourite was the Cycling Skeleton. You could see how the skeleton' joints move.

Lastly we watched another show called Fire and Ice. We learned that you need 3 things for fire; Oxygen, fuel, and heat. We also learned how different things expand or contract according to temperature.

We had a terrific time learning at the Science Roadshow and look forward to going again next time.