Thursday, October 18, 2018

Rubber Band Rollers

This week we were exploring how energy can make things go. We learned about how cars can run without petrol. 
In the activity we did, the students experimented with rubber-band rollers to figure out how much energy the rollers need to end up in the “Sweet Spot.”
We really enjoyed watching the video, and learning information on Mystery Science, then making something ourselves and getting to play!


  1. those look really cool did you use electricity or next time you should show us how to make it

  2. Mōrena,
    Your rubber band rollers look fantastic. I have never made these before. Did you watch a video clip to learn how to make them or follow instructions on paper/online? Maybe I should have a look on Mystery Science, it looks like you are doing some super fun stuff as you learn, create and share at Kaikohe West with Mrs Wallace.
    Keep up the FUN!
    Ngā mihi

  3. HI my name is Fred from Awahono School. I like your photos of your experiment. It is good. What does the sweet spot mean? Did you make it? I cannot see the words on the pictures.